Three Charities.

Low key living for the side by side transition.

Three small, separate paintings that I named Three Charities in honour of the fact I fucking adore Greek/Roman mythology.

The Charities stand for beauty, charm and grace, so maybe if I name a series of paintings for them, they’ll do me a solid and bestow some on me???

A gal can dream.

I actually painted these three months apart, and didn’t realize the connection between them until they ended up accidentally side by side. I gasped.

The painting on the end? I was going to throw it out.

The painting in the middle? I originally used that canvas rid wipe my brushes on, to get off excess paint.

The first one? I did it in five minutes, and then never looked at again.

Its lovely, when things come together like that.

I want to sub out the normally drama filled back story to my paintings and say something kinda important.

I want you guys, during the holidays, to stay safe and to take care of yourself. I’ve been so blessed in my life with my beautiful family and my friends but I know some people find this time of year extremely difficult.

If youse are struggling, please reach out. You’re loved.






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