Complementary Colours.

In memoriam of a friendship that no longer stands.

This painting has always felt unfinished to me – unfinished and half hearted.

This painting is so old I can’t remember whether or not it’s the right way up, or why I decided to paint it.

It might have been a sunrise or a sunset, it might have been dusk or during a break in a storm.

I never thought I’d actually share it with anyone. But I was looking at it, and the fact that it is so unfinished and half hearted struck me.

So, I don’t remember anything about it, but, I do know who I want to dedicate it to.

Something you are not taught when you are young, is the regularity of which people come in and out of your life.

Most the time, people come into your life who you dont want there, and then some people leave, and you would give anything to make them stay.

And when you’re in that weird age of being a teenage and being an adult, that happens all too often. You’re growing up, and so are the people around you.

So, I want to dedicate it to someone who was careless where I was careful, and because of that, I can’t decide if I avoided a disaster, or if I missed out on something wonderful.

But because that friendship is gone, doesn’t mean I don’t miss them. On the contrary actually, I miss them quite a lot.

But, who knows, am I right?

Just because something is left unfinished, doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Lots of love,



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