One day, I really should start painting actual things, you know? But hey, Claude had his waterlilies and I have my clouds.

Then again, Monet did venture into different subject matter every now and again. (Does anyone else love The Stacks at Giverny as much as me??)

That’s always been a massive issue for me, what I should paint or draw or whatever. Do you guys struggle with that, or is it just another me thing??

Not to mention I go literally months in between paintings. I don’t really leave them unfinished, I’ll end up going back to them eventually but most the time they’ll take on a completely different meaning from what I originally intended it to be.

Like, the one above took me literally all of ten minutes, The Sunset Above 7 Tulane took me (if we’re counting the old paintings underneath it) a good four years.

Anyway, theres no cool or meaningful backstory to this one. The clouds looked super pretty, and that’s about it.

Lots of love,



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