A Moody Sunset.

Anyone noticing a pattern here?? (And yes those paintings are stacked on top of my bookcase, I’m ruining out of room, okay people?)

More about this painting: I feel like the gloriousness of sunsets during thunder storms is often overlooked.

This sunset took place a month or two ago, during a storm. It had been raining and miserable all day, and then right at dusk the sky turned this marvelous yellow and broke through the dark clouds.

I literally stopped and stared for about five minutes. I was taken completely. I feel like this is less than adequate in showing its beauty, but it’s my best shot.

Fun fact, I did this around the time I went to mini golf and got so drunk I ran through the streets of Perth, which let me tell you, is not a very smart idea.

Anyway, here is a close up of A Moody Sunset while I watch watch reruns of Jeopardy on Netflix, cause why not? It’s a Thursday night and it’s the Christmas period and I work in retail. I need the break.

Lots of love,



Did youse know that Munich means “monk” in German?


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