I really wanted to call this one “bad boys ain’t shit” but I decided against it.

ALSO! I wanna say something here because I don’t have the balls to say it in real life.

Can we please talk about how important it is to stand up to our friends? When they are hurting themselves or others around them, can we stop enabling their behaviour and tell them to grow the fuck up?

Because I should’ve done that. I should’ve told a friend to grow the fuck up and then stopped enabling his self destructive behaviour.

Instead of doing that however, I encouraged his hell raising and went with him, and drank with him, and did all kinds stupid shit with him, to the point now, where I’m afriad.

I think he’s afriad too. And I hate that. But still, I cant bring myself to have an honest conversation with him. Kinda pathetic, hey?

This is for that friend. No matter what, everything, always will be for him. Have it, have the clouds and the sky and everything else I can give.

Stand up to your friends kids. It might save their life in the end. I know it might be scary, and it might seem like they’ll never want to speak to you again, if you “ruin their fun” but it’s worth it. I swear to God it’s worth it.

Lots of love,



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